Progressive design, conscious thinking, considered processes.

Calm by Crew


Founded in 2010 by Crew a la Mode, the CALM by CREW label is the trusted source for high performance yachting apparel. Well made and durable, the longevity of our designs permits them to not only be comfortable, but eternally hard-working.

A decade of unrivalled experience, our premium and technically efficient products are designed in-house at our London studio. Simple silhouettes, clean lines and shades within a minimalist, meticulously matched colour palette, subtly elevate high performance fabrics to add depth to function.

Core designs for men and women respond to high intensity yachting standards with articles additionally interchangeable and coordinated through recurring fabrics, house colours, trims and fit. Crafted to last with enduring comfort, our collections cover seasonal On and Off Charter apparel.


Performance technology is integral to the CALM by CREW label, ensuring our capsule collections not only look great but technically deliver on board and beyond. Using ethically sourced European fabrics, to minimise carbon footprint however possible, we maintain performance standards by ensuring fabrics are enhanced with water and dirt resistant technologies. Crafted to last, our garments possess high colour tolerance, strong seams and are tried- and-tested by luxury yacht crew, with each individual piece a commitment to our customer; trusted apparel, aesthetically delivered.

Calm by Crew
CREW Ready


Considered luxury for a conscious future stands as the baseline for our approach. With a factory base across continental Europe, CALM by CREW manufacture stands in the heartland of high quality and ethically conscious clothing production. Choosing trusted partner factories, recognised for their superior craftsmanship and mindful production, we have built long-term relationships with all of our ethical suppliers, using the resources available to us to always make the conscious choice.

Conscious Commitment

Since our launch in 2010 we have vowed as a business to continually evaluate and improve our sustainability and traceability. Our transparent approach allows us to control the journey and life cycle of each individual garment we produce – where fabrics originated, how and where garments are made, regularly reviewing the resources in place. Future focused, we are passionate about delivering performance wear in the most eco- friendly way possible, believing it to be our personal responsibility to protect and maintain our planet. Where this is also important to our clients, we work with them to advise on the best choices for the most eco conscious pieces available to them.

Calm by Crew