Ocean Talks

Crew à la Mode were honoured
to have been invited to attend and exhibit at Ocean Talks

Ocean talks is an event hosted by Boat International, in partnership with the Ocean Family Foundation (OFF), which aims to encourage the yacht community to engage more meaningfully with specialists working in marine conservation.

The event was held on 12th June 2019 at The Royal Geographical Society, with the Crew à la Mode team presenting our very own stance on sustainability, including the processes we have it into place as a company that facilitate an approach that considers and minimalise the impact we have on our environment.

Ocean Talks provides a unique and important opportunity for those whose profession and passion relies upon the health of the ocean to meet, learn from each other and work more closely together. We used the opportunity to put forward our Reclaim & Reuse Eco Initiative to our colleagues within the yachting industry, calling upon crew and yacht management companies to sign up to our scheme, collecting and donating old uniform to be reused and recycled for charitable causes, in a bid to reduce waste.

The team met some truly inspirational companies who have sustainability right at the heart of their business model. One such company was Ecobooth, the sustainable events company dedicated to eliminating waste from events via usage of more sustainable materials and practices. We love to challenge and enhance our own eco-credentials and we will certainly be reevaluate our own practises in order to ensure we are doing all we can to reduce our own wastage at events.

One particular campaign that grabbed our attention was ‘Yachts for Science,’ an initiative that aims to tackle one of the greatest challenges for marine scientists; gaining access to the sea. The deep ocean (below 200 metres) is our largest and most vital ecosystem and yet we don’t fully understand how it functions or how healthy it is. BOAT International and the Ocean Family Foundation, in association with Nekton, have taken on the task of helping connect superyachts with marine scientists who need access to the ocean to conduct this vital research.

If you own a yacht, work on a yacht or know decision-makers who can help get scientists on board on a yacht, then be sure to sign up by emailing.