Protected Species

Iconic British design with
contemporary rainwear technology

At Crew à la Mode, we are passionate about sustainability, timeless style and performance-led design and we are always looking for brands who share our ethos and goals, in order to either work with them or recommend them to our clients.

We recently discovered Protected Species who began a journey back in 2014, engineering performance-led rainwear incorporating a minimalist aesthetic. With timeless womenswear in mind, founders Anne Muir (a dedicated runner, outdoor enthusiast and scientist) and Rebecca Mcelligot (a London College of Fashion grad) set about creating versatile raincoats you can wear whether it’s raining or not; all with stylish ease.

Focusing on versatile flexibility and high spec technical performance features, they wanted to design a waterproof raincoat that could be worn anywhere. Spending two years developing and testing a product which would perfectly infuse iconic British design with contemporary rainwear technology, Protected Species was born.

Like us, Protected Species believe in versatile longevity, ethical manufacturing and sleek style. They create waterproof raincoats engineered to stand the test of time, guiding customers away from fast fashion. Multifunctional and impactful, the range is clean and sophisticated. Ideal for both on and off charter, whatever the weather, the fluid silhouettes provide a flattering shape, are perfect for layering and showcase timeless designs with a twist.